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Recruiting Seminars

BT Thompson brings four decades of experience both as a former athlete and a national recruiting advisor. BT has personally assisted over 400 student-athletes fulfill their dreams of playing at the next level. Since 1992 BT has also educated thousands of families on the Do's & Dont's of college recruiting. 

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Let's talk recruiting

It begins and ends with educating student-athletes and their families about the complicated recruiting process in itself. Millions of student-athletes miss out on literally thousands of opportunities because of what they do not know. You can never start too early to at least learn what steps you will need to take. 

Groups and Teams

BT KNOWS College Recruiting Seminars are designed for student-athletes (grades 7+), and their families. Our seminars are designed to educate and guide college hopefuls down the right path. It is a tremendous opportunity to get recruiting facts for 36 mens & women's college sports. Starting at $2,795.00 (90 minutes)

BT KNOWS Virtual Recruiting Seminars are designed to save both time and money. You have the choice of an individual sport or multiple sports. Starting at $595.00 (60 minutes) 

Topics Covered

  • Taking control of your recruiting through education: NCAA & NAIA Recruiting handouts

  • Recruiting realities, rules, recruiting calendars & recruiting budgets

  • The importance of expert evaluation of your skills

  • Show Me The Money: The value of being a good student

  • Relationship with your coaches: character and work ethic are integral

  • Have a plan of action that's realistic

  • The most effective ways to get exposure

  • Get In Where You Fit In. Targeting programs in your wheelhouse and go where you're loved

  • Media hype, rankings and ratings

  • Social Media's role in recruiting

  • What college coaches look for in prospects and their needs year-to-year

  • Show Me The Money: Athletic & Academic Scholarships by sport

  • How to leverage your school team, club ball, camps, showcases and more

  • Tips for highlight film that grabs attention

  • Overbearing Helicopter Parents. You mean well but you can ruin it for your child!


It's action-time. Lets get your student-athletes and parents educated on the recruiting process

BT KNOWS Recruiting Seminars are available for both small and large teams or groups

Call Today For A Quote 800-815-9585 or email

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