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Get Recruited Your Senior Year

Going into your senior season with no offers and little to no interest is stressful to say the least. Unfortunately you're not alone especially with roughly only 7% of HS football players expected to play at the next level.

Have no fear, with three decades of experience I have working relationships with hundreds of recruiters. I have the ability to text your film directly to FBS, FCS, D2, D3 and NAIA recruiters cell phones.

Before any film or transcripts are sent out we will need to know what level you project at. Your film and transcripts will be evaluated by our analyst within 24 hours. It would also be beneficial for you to ask your coach(es) where they see you at the next level. Recruiters will contact your head coach specifically to validate your ability, academics, character, work ethic and much more.

Every prospect is promoted to schools within his lane. What I mean is if you are D1 you will be texted to D1 coaches cell phones. If you are D2 you will be texted to D2 coaches and so on. You will have to get in where you fit in.

Your highlight film will literally make-or-break your recruiting. You will need to demonstrate that you can play at an elite level and your best plays must be up front. Limit your film to 4 minutes but just know recruiters are not obligated to watch it all. This means your most explosive plays must be first. Your highlights must be good enough that recruiters will want to watch full game film and see you play in-person.

Class of 2023 your clock is ticking. Let's get you the help you need to get recruited.

Call/Text Today 800-815-9585 or email

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